• I want to…
      ... generate traffic
          onto mobile apps.

    Advertisers no longer doubt the importance of mobile applications and recognise that they are used by the mass-market. So how do we ensure a maximum number of users while managing costs? In 2011 Surikate ran over 350 campaigns generating mobile traffic for well-known brands and agencies. With a large owned inventory and an expertise in tracking and mobile CRM, Surikate is the leader within the French market in generating traffic to mobile applications.

  • I want to…
    ... ensure that my applications appeal
       to the maximum number
         of mobile users.

    Less than 1 in 300 users leave comments on the App Store or on Google Play and these comments are often too general or too partisan to give a clear picture of what users really think. To guarantee the life span of an application and retain its audience, you have to continuously evolve its content via regular updates.

  • I need...
        ... an expert to take charge
       of my mobile strategy.

    A great idea for an application does not necessarily mean it will be successful. Ergonomics, graphic design, visibility, content… all need to be taken into account and continuously evolved. Thanks to the 350 campaigns we have run for both agencies and prolific advertisers, as well as having the biggest online panel in France, our team of 35 mobile experts can recommend the most effective mobile strategy for you.


Surikate signs its 350th campaign !

4th June 2012

Less than two years after its creation, Surikate, a company specialising in...

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Our surveys.

An insight into iPhone user behaviour within the App Store

Surikate has conducted a survey with GfK on iPhone user behaviour within the App Store. This study demonstrates that there are on average 52.2 million visits to the App Store every week and that as a result, findability and searchability have never been more important for mobile app developers and brands.

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